Sunday, April 1, 2018

  It's not that I don't have anything interesting to say.  I just that I don't have time to say it.  So here's to a new hobby, which I undoubtedly have no time to pursue. . .
Here's a rundown. . .
5 kids- Cadence 12, Zack 11, Carlie 9, Cooper 7, Stockton 6
We live in Woods Cross in a great house in a great neighborhood
Our kids are learning to speak French
We do sports
We do dance
We do princesses and Super heroes
I do Magical Celebrations
JJ does Transamerica
We do up and down
But we manage to get back to middle ground- most of the time.
So what does life look like for us?

This one is what we looked like around the time of my last blog post. 
And here's what we look like now.  Except that my hair is once again brown, not blonde. A lot has changed! But we are happy, healthy, and grateful for each other!
Happy Easter!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A jumble of good stuff

The first Saturday of summer break couldn't be more perfect. Waffles for breakfast, the morning spent at the pool, and the rest of the day spent outside doing yard work while the kids are running around with all the cute neighbors. I love this weather, I love this neighborhood, and I love my family! This is what it's all about.
Right now I'm taking a break with my sweet Stockton who seems to be okay with me catching up on this lifeless blog. Have you met Stockton? If not, you should. He is four months old and such a sweetie. He looks like his brother Zack if you ask me, just a whole lot skinnier. He's the first of the skinny kind of babies we've had. But what this by lacks in weight, he more than makes up for in length. He has blue eyes that are undoubtedly a gift from the Hansen side of the family. His hair has still got us guessing, but I think he will be blonde, at least for a while. He is such a snugly and sweet boy. I love that when I come over to pick him up he looks like I just made his day. Then I hold him and he lays his head on my shoulder, I think just to tell me he loves me. He is the perfect baby to have in the fifth slot. He is very patient when I can't get to him right away. And his cry is almost as cute as his laugh! He has the cutest little whimper. And the laugh. He really gets going sometimes, especially when the kids talk to him.
Nine months is a long time to wonder about all the details of a new baby. The hair, the eyes, skin tone, personality. Then they get here and they are who they are, which is exactly who they are supposed to be. Is that vague?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Do you even remember me?

I'm super far behind on my blog, so this should be interesting.  Will I stick with it?  Probably. . . or not.  But I hope because I have too much to be thankful for to keep it all to myself.  So, this is an update since last OCTOBER when I last posted an entry here.  No picture for now.  No time!

About us as of late-ish. . .   
JJ-  He's 35 and he goes to work everyday.  He has crappy knees.  But he is a gem.  He's a hard worker and a marvelous dad. He moved us into a new house that we love in April.  We are still close to our old neighborhood and get to see old friends a lot.  It's great.  
April-  That's me.  I  am a headless chicken.  But not right now because I have two kids napping, one at a friend's house, and one at school.  That is why I am blogging!  I am taking classes online to earn my elementary ed degree so I can start a preschool next fall.  I'm pretty excited about that.  Pretty awesome.  I hate math and I'm not good at it.  I'm sort of feeling good about myself, like that I finally have things together enough to have a little free time, which is good since the 2012 Nielsen will be released this January.  It's a boy!  I'm fat but as always, I have no room to complain about being pregnant.  In all five, I have never barfed because of the pregnancy.  Not many can say that!  
Cadence-  She is shy and bossy and cute and fun.  Good mix if you ask me.  Her hair is getting so long and I am so jealous of it.  She doesn't seem to have grown much though.  I'm pretty sure she's going to be the shrimp of the family.  She started first grade and is learning French!  At least, I assume she's learning French since she's in the dual immersion program.  She doesn't really tell me anything about it, other than every now and then when a little french word slips out.  She is sadly and much to my dismay outgrowing dress-ups. I feel the tween years sneaking up on me faster than I would like.  At least she's still positively captivated by anything regarding princesses. Lets be clear- Disney princesses. 
Zack- is a cook.  Not someone who makes food.  He's a c-long o-k.  Like Adam's Family (Their crazy and their cookey).  He is full of wit and likes to use big words.  He's also a very big hearted little boy.  He likes to take care of his sisters - most of the time.  Example, at the 4th of july parade Zack was picking up candy and putting it in Carlie and Cadence's buckets instead of his own.  We thought it was really sweet.  Once he realized that we were oohing and awwing about it , he made sure to check to see if we noticed each time he did it.  Still cute though.  He's in Amy's preschool and he loves it.  He's getting to be a good reader and likes to spit out math sentences to me.  And his blue eyes still get me all the time.  

Carlie-  She's two in so many ways.  She's really lucky that she's adorable because that alone has saved her more than once.  Well, actually the two's are starting to wear off her.  She is the master of puppy dog eyes and her smile and laugh are just cute. She is as much of a girly girl as her older sister and spends every allowable second in a dress-up.  She loves to sing and dance and boss.  (Yes, there is a trend with the Nielsen girls.)  Her hair is getting really long too, and the longer it gets, the more I confuse my girls with each other.  She has always been a good talker, but she is really starting to sound like a big kid!  It makes me laugh the way that she uses complete sentences with (typically) correct grammar.  Yesterday we were playing with water balloons and JJ told her not to throw one at him because it would make him sick.  A little later JJ's dad grabbed one and was about to nail him when Carlie yelled, "NO!  Not my dad!  He will get sick!"  Ha ha!  
Cooper- may never walk, but man is he CUTE!  He's got so many noises and he' so LOUD!  He can take all the other kids in a screaming match.  He has two looks that he knows are hilarious.  The first is the stink-eye.  Just when you least expect it, you might glance over at Cooper to find his big brown eyes burning a hole into your eyes from underneath is furrowed eyebrows.  And then he laughs.  And then he does it again.  He also likes to display his super baby strength by flexing every muscle in his body, including the muscles in his face.  It's so fun.  If you haven't seen it, you really are missing out.   While he actually is making very slight attempts to walk, he definitely prefers to crawl.  He's got two weeks to get his feet going because I need him to walk to Mickey Mouse!  Yep, Disneyland is just around the corner!   

You know, this really didn't take me that long.  I should do this more often.  Now I have to go clean out my car.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cooper is here!!!

And never mind that he is sitting up on my lap playing with a chew toy. He's just such a fun little boy that all my free time goes to playing with him (and not blogging)! Since he is nearly four months old and I haven't had a single post about him, this entire entry is dedicated to our favorite baby in the world.

Cooper's Creed
I will only have blowouts when it's convenient for mom, like when she's blogging.
I will sleep really well through the night, but only after I do one or two fakeouts.
I will keep you guessing about my eye color for at least 3 and 3/4 months.
I will grow like a weed.
I will be the size of a nine month old when I'm three months old.
I will not barf too much.
I will give a big adorable smile to anyone who looks in my direction.
I may scream at the top of my lungs if I feel that someone should be looking at me, but as soon as I get some attention, I will coo and kick my feet.
I will be a snuggle bug.
Instead of laughing I will hold my breath until my face turns red, but I'll still give great big smiles.
I will love to be hung upside down by my thighs.
I will not take a binki. I will not take a binki.
If you try to make me take a binki, I will smile at you and then pop it out. The arch thereof shall be great.
I will be adorable.
I will make you fall instantly in love with me.

That pretty much sums up our sweet little Cooper. (If you have a weak stomach and a low tolerance for gooey, you may want to stop reading here.) Holding him feels like holding an angel. Whenever he snuggles up with me, Cadence will say, "Ohhh! He sure does love you, haw mom!" That's exactly how I feel too! It's funny to think that a baby who is so young could be so good at letting me know I'm loved. I'm pretty sure he knows how much we love him too.
Cadence Zack and Carlie seem to have a special bond with him and tell me daily (sometimes hourly) how cute he is. They are all good helpers and are great at making him happy when I have to be doing other things. I love them all!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am behind and I better fix that or all the fun things we've been doing will be lost with the introduction of our new little star! So I'm off. . .

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boogie Woogie Bumblebee

Cadence dances at a studio called Dance Impressions. Their recital was SO GOOD! I love this picture.
Her dance was after intermission, so she came in her t-shirt.

I can't believe so mom let her kid crawl up on stage before the show started. She was probably sitting there taking pictures and thinking it was so cute. . .
I should have stopped her, but I was busy taking pictures and thinking she was so cute.
A few of the hive-

There's my bumblebee!!!

This is Miss Teresa. She's really cute with the girls and I hope we can get in with her again next fall!
Cadence did a great job, and had the support of her little bro.

Preschool Graduation

So this was Cadence's big day! Her graduation and her recital were scheduled for the same time, but lovely Miss Amy contacted all the parents and we were able to move it to earlier in the day! I'm so glad to because Cadence just blew me away! She sang every song, did every action, and even smiled through the whole thing! She can be a little timid, so when she performed so well, we were all smiles.
This is her buddy Alex. We live next door to each other. Since the gates to our backyards are on opposite sides of the house, we saved them a little time by putting a hole in the fence. If my kids aren't home, they are playing with Charlie and Alex.
The crossed legs cracked me up. Such a lady!

"I sat still and also wiggled." That was her part of the poem, recited perfectly!

She's the medium Billy Goat Gruff.

It's official (sniff, sniff). She's not a preschooler anymore!

Did I say I think she's super cute? Am I allowed to say that? (It's the purpose of a blog, right?) I just love her to pieces. I love her insistence on all things pink, her little blonde curls, her hazel eyes that look just like her dad's. I love her crinkle nose smile and her constant stream of complements (Mom, you're beautiful, your lovely, I like your hair, you're the best mom ever. . .) I love her need to wear dresses and to have her hair fixed like a princess. I love her hugs and her kisses. I love love love her!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Day of Preschool

Look at this little girl! This is what she looked like when she started preschool 1 1/2 years ago!
And this is what she looked like on her last day of preschool. She's grown up so much and loves Miss Amy to no end! She's going to miss her when she's in Kindergarten!
After school we got a knock at the door and found a special delivery just for Cadence! Her daddy sent her a dozen pink roses to tell her congratulations on her preschool graduation! What a cute dad!

Yes, of course, Cadence is wearing a dress up. (This one is a favorite, even though the slits on the side clearly display the color of undies she's wearing.)

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Day

I get my own special day for having the greatest job in the whole world! I had a perfect Mother's Day and loved extra hugs, kisses, and help.

We went to Temple Square after church and a two hour family nap. The flowers were gorgeous and the kids looked cute, but they were just a little too goofy to get anything spectacular. We still got a few cute ones though.

Zack is always the hardest to get pictures of. Out of the 80+ pictures I took, this is one of the only ones that he wasn't pulling a silly face.

So I need your opinion, which picture of the kids do you like better? Neither is super duper great, but I want to print one of them.

I sometimes get a little teary-eyed when I see an ad where the kids are looking and smiling and not pulling weird faces. I know that to ever get a picture like that, it would take hundreds and hundreds of photos and hundreds and hundreds of hours of editing, although I'm pretty sure the most skilled of photo editors would agree that working with my turkeys would be a lost cause. (Even though I do think they are pretty cute.)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Did someone say Princess?

A princess carnival. Of course we had to attend, given the children we are raising. The carnival was. . . well, it was what it was. But any excuse to dress up like a princess is worth it.

Cadence taught Carlie how to do "Princess hands." She's working on it.

This was a little petting zoo that consisted of two goats, a giant rabbit, a chicken and a duck.
The goats were cute,
And so was the giant rabbit.

But the feathered friends took flight while these guys were in the petting zoo. Watching them chase a duck around a little classroom was probably the best part.

Never mind, I forgot about the cotton candy.

Me in all my fluffiness.

Cotton candy does gross things to little kids.